Banner Stands

Roll-up banners, also known as retractable banner stands, are the ultimate in portable displays. They are:

  • Self-contained displays with customized carrying cases
  • Lightweight enough to be hand carried, eliminating the cost of trade show labor
  • Set-up and take down in minutes

Most roll-up banner stands have common features. Benchmark offers the best retractable banners and stands, with a range of features and prices.

To your left, there is helpful information to help you choose the best option for your needs. To keep things simple for comparison, we have priced similar sizes for comparison but not included prices on all variations. Give us a call and we will be happy to fill in the details for you.

Retractable Banner Stands

C-Banner Roll up BannersC-banner
Roll up banner for those on a tight budget and have limited use needs.

As low as $170 with Vinyl banner

C-Banner - More Details

Versatile Roll up Banner StandsVersatile
Create Multi Panel Backwalls with Ease.

$224 for 34” hardware and Vinyl banner

Versatile Roll up Banners - More Details

ExpoClassic Roll up BannersExpoClassic
Choose 1 of 4 color accent kits for a different display look.

$564 with Lambda banner at 34" size.

ExpoClassic - More Details

Green Banner Roll up BannersELevate Banner
Adjustable height up to 8 feet for a standout performance.

$510 with Lambda banner.

ELevate Banner - More Details

USA Made Retractable Banner StandsUSA Made
The name says it all!

36”x 96” unit with Vinyl banner $344

USA Made Retractable Banner Stand - More Details

Green Banner Roll up BannersGreen Banner
Our most Earth Friendly display and banner!

$354 with Eco-Friendly Vinyl banner.

Green Banner - More Details

Road Warrior Kit IIRoad Kit II
Ship, Fly, Drive or Walk - Set up 45 sqft of display space in 10 minutes. A whole 10x10 booth in a 35 lb hard case kit!


Road Kit II - More details

O'Banner Roll up Banners

Our lowest cost banner for high impact displays!

As low as $174 with Vinyl banner

O'Banner - More Details

E-Banner Portable Banner Stands

Our best seller. Limited features but great reliability!

$244 with Vinyl banner.

$383 with Lambda banner.

E-Banner - More details

E-Plus Retractable Banner StandsE-plus
Makes field changing graphics a SNAP!

$402 with Vinyl banner

$541 with laminated Lambda banner

E-plus Retractable Banner Stand - More details

EZ banner stand
EZ Banner

Field changing banners couldn't be easier -- just swap the foot

$334 with Vinyl banner at 34" size

EZ Banner - More Details

sUv Retractable Banner StandssUv Plus
When you want a similar look but at a lot of different sizes.

$626 for 35” hardware and laminated Lambda banner.

SuV Plus Portable Banner Stand - More Details

Outdoor Retractable Banner DisplayOutdoor Retractable Banner Stand
Built like a Hummer.

$504 - single sided

$643 - double sided

Outdoor Retractable Banner Stand - More Details

Road Kit 1Road Kit I
The Kit combines an E-banner with a hard travel case and literature stand all combined into one easy to carry package.


Road Kit - More details

Non-Retractable Banner Stands

Although setup takes a little longer, these non-retractable banner stands offer unique and flexible options:

Banner CurveBanner Curve
The double-sided Banner Curve provides a unique look only possible with fabric. A lightweight design that makes a big impression!

$535 (Stand with graphic)

Banner Curve - More Details

Banner Stands: Banner BoxBanner Box
Attractive, Effective, Affordable! This double sided display ships flat and sets up in minutes for an unbeatable price

$185 (complete system)

Banner Box - More Details

Portable Custom Contour DisplayPortable Custom Contour Display
Stop being Square? With the use of our large format digital die cutting equipment, we can create banner stands in shapes as unique as your products.

$485 for stand and single bFlat contoured graphic as shown (prices reduce with quantities)

Portable Custom Contour
Display - More Details

GrandStand Indoor Banner StandsGrandStand Indoor Banner Stand
If your marketing mission is to use big graphics for a big impression on a small budget this flexible system is a great solution.

$740 for a full color banner and display

GrandStand - for more details

Portable Tripod Banner StandPortable Tripod Banner Stand
Use your existing art without a new layout using this highly flexible banner stand.

$352 for stand and single 3 ’ x 4’ Inkjet banner

Portable Tripod Banner Stand - More Details

Banner Stand with Literature RackPortable Banner and Literature Stand Combo
Literature rack and banner stand in one very portable display for use in trade shows and exhibitions.

$615 (with 36"x 84" graphic as pictured)

Portable Banner Stand with Literature Rack - More Details

Bannerstand Gallery

Replacement graphics

Don't buy new hardware if you don't need to. You can change your banner graphics and reuse your banner stand ... whether we sold it to you or not.

Features to consider

As simple as they are, there are important differences in portable banner stand construction you should be aware of:

Field Changeable Graphics - This means you can have different versions or messages for the same hardware unit and change banners anywhere, any time, in minutes. Change them out, change them back. Great for keeping a whole sales force up to date without the expense of new hardware. Alternate graphics ship and store in cardboard tubes. Because this feature adds so much flexibility to your banner purchase, Benchmark carries 2 units that support this flexibility: ExpoPro and SUV Plus.

The base - base depth and weight dictate the stability of the banner stand. Less expensive stands answer this need with feet that rotate out. Lighter weight units, although easier to transport, fall over easier as they become top heavy. Best designs use a 10 lbs wide base with a low profile (low center of gravity) like the ExpoPro. For outdoor use, where wind is a possibility see our outdoor retractable banners. Last, some floors are uneven or pitched instead of flat. The ExpoPro is the only unit that includes leveling feet that will compensate and make sure your graphic points in the right direction.

The pole - in order to pack conveniently banner stand poles have to break down into pieces. Many units add an elastic shock cord to make the set up easier. But this also means you can only have one height for your graphic. If you want the flexibility of using your roll up banner as a tabletop unit, a shock-corded pole can prevent it. Cutting the cord may work but then the attachment to the top rail or base can become and issue. The SUV Plus has separated pole lengths that can be reduced or added to for discreet height variations. The E-plus is the most flexible with a telescoping pole that can be set at any height it's 29.5” minimum. It is the only banner stand with this advantage.

Pole attachment to the base - Some roll up banner stands require the pole to screw on to the base. This is a real disadvantage for quick portable setups. None of our units assemble in this manner.

Graphic attachment to the top rail - This is important because if the attachment fails, the banner graphic will roll up into the base and loose all spring tension. After this happens, some units can be repaired but it probably won't happen until your show is over. Cheaper units use a single layer of double-sided tape for attachment. Better units employ mechanical clamping or adhesive envelopes to insure against having the problem.

Graphic attachment at pole top - Some units use a hook to attach the top rail to the pole. This leaves the top of the pole sticking out above your graphic and lowers the esthetic value of your display. None of our units use this technique.

Bags & Cases - All of our roll up banner stands include some a transport bag adequate for car travel. Bags for the more expensive units look smarter and include extra padding to help protect your investment. None of the bags are safe for common carrier shipments. If your plan calls for shipping your display ahead, you should consider a banner stand with a “Hard Case”. Three of our units have this: E-banner; E- plus; SUV Plus 36”.

Banner Stand Lights
If you are in a competitive situation trying to get noticed, lighting can be just the edge you're looking for. Research proves that people's attention is drawn to the brighter things in their field of vision. If you have a light on your graphic and your competitor doesn't, you'll be the one your prospect sees first. The challenge in using lights is packing them for the road, where the bulb can break or parts can get misplaced. The expoPro has the best solution for this accessory and the E-banner hard case is an excellent banner stand carrying case.

The Non Retractable Alternative
You can't beat Retractables for ease of use but the retractable design means there are some things you just can't do. A good example of a Non-Retractable alternative is our Non Retractable Banner & Literature Stand.  It will display both a banner and your literature in a single verticle arrangement. Then there is Contouring, a whole new way of thinking about banners. Take a look.

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