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Popup Monitor Stand

Heavy Duty Monitor Stand, Wheeled

$1165 Heavy Duty Wheeled Monitor Stand
with a Case for Monitors up to 55" / 125lbs.
(Stand w/o case $874)

This monitor stand is designed for mobility and portability. It is made of steel and has telescoping height adjustment from 4’ - 6’ (120-210 cm) in 2" increments. The price includes a universal mounting bracket to fit all monitors, has built in tilt (+/-15°) will attach to the stand with a quick connect / disconnect using no tools. Integrated cable management with flexible covers will hide your cables out of sight for a fast, clean installation. It is shown here with a shelf that is not included in the sale price. The wheeled base is angled and helps make positions in corners work well. Held together with screws the unit breaks down for shipping in its case. The durable shipping case for this portable display is designed to ship through common carriers like UPS and FedEx. Comes in black or silver.

  • Height from 4’ – 6’ in 2" increments
  • Holds up to a 55" monitor (125lbs)
  • Stand weighs 64 lbs
  • Assembles/disassembles with screws
  • Unit in case ships via common carrier



Monitor Stand - Telescoping   Large Monitor Stand - Shelf
height adjustment
from 4’ – 6’
  Shelf available for keyboard or remote $119
Monitor Stand Brackets
Universal mounting bracket (included) has quick no-tool mount/dismount and tilts +/- 15°. Many other mounting brackets are available that are tailored specifically to monitor brands and models. Call for specific information.
Pole, Mount, Bracket, and Base ship in Buckle & Strap Case at total weight of 90 lbs and dimensions of 60"w x 9.5"h x 12.5"d

Take a look at Pop up backwall designs by other designers.

Monitor CasesMonitor Cases
The monitor cases are designed to fit your LCD monitor. It features wheels and handles to insure easy maneuvering and can be customized for specific needs.

$200 - $1036 Monitor Cases made to your specifications

Monitor Cases - More Details

Ideas for monitors

  • Software demos
  • Video presentations
  • On demand video with touchscreen
  • Powerpoint presentations running on a loop
  • Still images taken with your digital camera
  • Plant tours
  • Properties represented


Will my monitor fit on this bracket?
VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association).is an industry standard for mounting hardware. The standard refers to the hole pattern on the back of the monitor that accepts mounting screws. Both placement and screw size are part of the standard. The most commonly used standards are

  • 75mm X 75mm (2 inch square
    hole pattern)
  • 100mm X 100mm (4 inch square
    hole pattern)
  • 100mm X 200mm (8 inch x 4 inch rectangle hole pattern)
  • 200mm X 200mm (8 inch square
    hole pattern)


VESA adapter plate $30
VESA Monitor PlateIf your monitor conforms to the weight requirements of the stand but doesn’t have the right VESA hole arrangement, we have a plate that may be useful in adapting one to the other.

I need a monitor. Can you suggest one?
We don’t sell monitors but everyone in the biz agrees that LCD monitors are the right choice for tradeshows. They are the best at withstanding the impacts and jostling better than any other variety. Monitors with on board DVD players or SD card readers are great because the only thing more you need is a remote control. Toshiba has a nice line of sets with with DVD players. This 19" unit (model # 19LV505 available at Best Buy) is compatible with the VESA 100x100 mount, falls within the weight range (12.32lbs), of all our brackets, has a PC input for a monitor cable (as well as HDMI for you propeller heads). Here is a link to Toshiba's site for

Note – We looked for a unit with an onboard SD card. Panasonic seems to be the only one with the license and they do not make sets small and light enough.

Monitor Cable
Most PC laptops have a monitor out jack in the back. They allow the laptop to drive both the on-board display and additional monitor simultaneously. Here is a link for a $30 25foot PC compatible cable so you can place your laptop anywhere in the booth and others can watch what you are up to.

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